1. Less work for homeowner to maintain chemistry more time to enjoy pool. 
2. No chloramines = no eye irritation
3. No Chlorine Smell
4. Saves money, not having to buy Chlorine $$
5. No skin irritation
6. Provides soft water that smells good  

Once you have a salt system you will never go back.

Most all the pools we build now, end up with salt system/Pool control, which provides great water clarity.

If pool needs chlorine the system turns on salt cell and generates chlorine by converting salt into chlorine and as the chlorine does it’s job sanitizing your pool it turns back into salt. When ph elevates, the system turns on the acid pump and reduces Ph to level you set. Normally you will still have to add Alkalinity increaser every 2-3 weeks $25-$35 a year, and Salt will need to be added at beginning of season normally $20-$30 a year. The control system built into salt system provides timer to turn pool pump on and off, lights on and off , water features on and off, also can provide remote control from in house with added display that lets you know what outside temperature is, water temperature is, Chemistry and is virtually unlimited, you can even control your outside lights and other toys.

They are even wifi connected so you can see what your pool/spa is doing from anywhere in the world, the new displays even change colors to let you know if your pool/Spa water is getting out of control .It gives us the ability to check your pool from our office if you need help with it or want us to maintain it, or just keep an eye on it while your on Vacation. The best vacation though is in your own back yard!

Author: Vann Jeter

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