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The Advantages of Chlorine Generators for Pools

1. Less work for homeowner to maintain chemistry more time to enjoy pool. 2. No chloramines = no eye irritation3. No Chlorine Smell4. Saves money, not having to buy Chlorine $$5. No skin irritation6. Provides soft water that smells good   Once you have a salt system you will never go back. Most all the pools we build now, end up with salt system/Pool control, which provides great water clarity. If pool needs chlorine the system turns on salt cell and generates chlorine by converting salt into chlorine and as the chlorine does it’s job sanitizing your pool it turns back…

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Why Choose Fiberglass Pools?

1. Lifetime Shell Warranty I don’t believe there is a Warranty at all on other pools. 2. Very Low Maintenance Cost The smooth surface requires less chemicals to achieve and maintain water chemistry. 3. No Need to Re-surface A fiberglass pool if properly maintained should never need to be resurfaced. No liners to replace and costly maintenance. 4. Ability to Withstand Ground Movement Better 5. Inovative Range of Designs and Accessories Such as in floor cleaning (Never have to vacuum your pool) LED lighting, Automatic covers Fountains. 6. Safety Ledge Most fiberglass pools have a ledge for strengthening the shell,…

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  • Eanes

    From start to finish, Dominion Pool & Spa did an amazing job on our pool. From offering up ideas on the best pool design to compliment our yard. Terry & Tim and all their guys were extremely professional, the office…

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  • Amos

    Team, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the exceptional job installing our new pool and spa. From the moment we made the first phone call inquiring about the project until completion, we felt confident in…

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  • Mrs Powell

    Dry Fork, Virginia

    Excuse me for not sending this letter before now. But since we got the pool I don't spend a lot of time in the house. We have thoroughly enjoyed our pool. It has made the best summer ever for our…

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  • Atkinson

    Fredericksburg, VA

    I just got back from a trip to the Middle East and was lounging in my pool when I realized that I hadn't written a formal thank you for the pool. I just want to thank you and your staff…

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  • The Bradleys

    Rustburg, Virginia

    We just wanted to thank you for our beautiful pool!!! You guys were very quick to get this in and we can't believe the turn around time. We are very satisfied with the service that Dominion Pool and Spa has…

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  • The Parris Family

    Danville, Virginia

    In 1990 when we built our house, I never imagined that we could have a fabulous in-ground pool and a beautifully landscaped setting in our back yard. Our original back yard consisted of a relatively steep hill complete with large…

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  • The McKinneys

    South Boston, Virginia

    My wife and I wish to express our appreciation for the excellent job Tune & Toler did installing our pool this past June. We were very impressed by the pride and professionalism shown by the staff. You kept to the…

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  • The Smiths

    Martinsville, Virginia

    We want you to know how pleased we are with the pool you recently installed. Thank you for your hard work! I realize it was not an easy installation since you had to use the existing area of our old…

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  • The Tibbs

    Forest, Virginia

    We are writing this letter to express our gratitude and complete satisfaction with the fiberglass pool and accompanying services that we were provided by Dominion Pool & Spa. We spent a lot of time researching different kinds of pools and…

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